Become a High Paid Freelance Content Writer with Zero Experience

Become a High Paid Freelance Content Writer with Zero Experience
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Want to become a freelance content writer but don’t know what to do? Confused about jobs, minimum requirement, educational qualification and salary of a freelance content writer India?

I have your back! Read on my extensive guide to become a professional freelance writer in India with “zero experience”.

Freelance Content Writer: Scope in India

Indian start-ups and medium enterprises are now taking their businesses and brands online. With a rise in websites every month, there is an urge for a freelance content writer to help draft amazing SEO content for every website and maintain their blogs. With a high scope and fair pay, freelance content writing is now emerging as one of the best jobs in India.

If you want to become a freelance content writer but don’t have enough experience or knowledge about it, don’t worry. With nine years of experience, I am here to help you get towards your dream of becoming a high-paid content writer. 

How to Start a Freelance Content Writing Career?

What Do You Need to Be a Freelance Content Writer?

Although the essential thing that you need to be a good freelance content writer is the power of your words, there are a few more things that you must have.

  • Laptop:

I don’t recommend writing articles on your phone or a notebook. This is a digital era, and working on a laptop can make things really easy. A large screen with more options and ease allows you to work with the fullest of your capabilities without any technical glitches or distractions.

  • Internet Connection:

Especially if you are a beginner, you need a good internet connection all the time you write. Before proceeding with your article, do enough research, look for inspirations (but don’t plagiarise) and continuously check Google for better and more impressive synonyms and sentence structures.

  • Savings Bank Account

If you have one, that’s great. If you don’t, open a savings bank account and apply for your PAN Card too.

What Should Be The Objective Of Any Content?

  • Quiet Environment

Efficient writing needs patience, silence and a proper seating area. If you are writing your freelancing career, designate a specific work area at your home where you can work undisturbed.

  • Proper Lighting

Do not work in dim or no lights to strain your brain or reduce your ability. Work in efficient lighting and opt for cool lights instead of warm ones.

  • Google Drive

If you already know how to use Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc., that’s great. If you don’t, watch some YouTube tutorials for the same. Google Drive is a complete package where you can upload your files and create new ones. Most importantly, you can collaboratively edit and revise your files as per your client’s requirements.

  • E-mail Address

Although you have it, make a specific e-mail account just for the work purposes to avoid missing any essential emails to promotional ones.

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Don’t Fake, Just Prove Your Skills

If you want to show and prove your writing skills to the world and your upcoming clients that you are a professional freelance content writer but have no experience yet, you might find these easy tips quite useful.

#1. Start a Blog

When I wanted to be a freelance content writer, I started my blog and began writing on topics that amused me. Select your niche and post related content on your blog to prove you are an expert in that field.

#2. Sign Up for Multiple Social Media Platforms

No matter what social media platform it is, follow the best content writers, share all you know about content writing, post valuable content regularly and use the right hashtags to grow your audience.

#3. Guest Posting

When I was a beginner, I tried hitting the target of at least two guest posts every month. I would reach out over a hundred bloggers every month to allow me to share my content on their blogs. Luckily, some of them replied, and I published my content on their blogs, in exchange for a shout-out with my blog URL or e-mail address. This gave me exposure to their audience and clients. Guest posting, in the long run, is quite effective and helps to gain some backlinks to your blog too.

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#4. Networking

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to form a potential network with other competent writers. This helps you learn their writing skills, attend events and get better exposure.

#5. Collaborations and Shout-Outs

You can also collaborate with co-writers and give shout outs to each other to grab the attention of other person’s followers.

How Can Beginners Land a Freelance Writing Job in 2020?

To land a high-paying job as a freelance content writer, you should try the following things:

  • Create a Sample

Based on your niche or interest, write a spectacular content writing sample to showcase in your portfolio. If you can write about three different fields, create three samples to highlight the versatility of your writing skills.

  • Pitching

Write an impressive pitch to introduce yourself as a writer, fake your experience and tell your client why are you a good fit for the role. Make great but fulfilling promises. Showcase your samples, guest posts and share your blog link. If you can write a compelling pitch, no client would be able to tell that you have zero experience.

Remember that you must not copy-paste the same pitch to every client. Try to customize it according to every client’s needs.

Tips that make your write-up fully SEO friendly

  • Join Facebook Groups

When I was a new freelance content writer, I used to follow content writing groups on Facebook religiously and pitch to every query posted there. And eventually, it helped me gain some really promising clients in the long run.

  • Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to find authentic content writing clients and form a professional network of co-writing friends. Search for phrases like “freelance content writer needed”, “freelance content writer required”, “content writer needed”, “freelance writer required”, etc. every day and pitch them via e-mail.

  • Sign Up for Freelancing Websites

Although it is challenging to land your first client through a freelancing website like Fiverr or Upwork, it is still no harm to sign up and try. You never know what may work for you.

  • Ask Friends for Help/Reference

The most significant benefit of forming a valuable network is that your friends stand with you to help you land your first writing job. Ask your friends to share your posts, refer you to their old clients or friends, and there are high chances that you might get good work soon.

  • Optimize Your Blog

Use SEO to target keywords like “best freelance writer in India”, “hire a freelance writer”, “hire the best freelance content writer” to attract high-paying clients to your blog. I have got over 60% of my clients via my blog – isn’t that great?

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Average Freelance Content Writer Salary in India

If you are looking for average freelance content writer salary or what pay can you expect from your first client, here are a few things that you must know first:

Freelance Writers Salary: An Approximation

Generally, a freelance content writer is paid on Pay Per Word (PPW). So, you get paid for each valuable word you have written.

Fresher Salary In India: 40-50 PPW (i.e. ₹400-500 per 1000 words)

It would be best if you never admit working at a rate lower than this. If someone pays you lesser than that, don’t accept the offer. You can continue working at this rate for 10-12 months and ask for a hike in the pay later.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Freelance Content Writer Jobs

Here are my answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about freelance content writer salary, job, and scope in India:

What is freelance writer job?

If you want to know what are freelance content writer jobs, let me help you. You get paid for writing awesome content from the comfort of your home, without following a 9-to-5 job routine.  

Who can be a freelance writer?

Anyone can be a freelance writer as long as they have the skills to put their words beautifully into persuasive content.

Why become a freelance writer?

Suppose you want to become a freelance content writer. In that case, all you have to do is write an impressive sample, pitch it to endless people (you can get their emails via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), guest post on other blogs, invest your time learning new things, make yourself better and patiently wait to land your first client.  

How to become a freelance writer without experience?

If you have zero experience and still want to become a freelance content writer India, practice hard and follow all the steps suggested by me above.

Can anyone become a freelance writer?

Yes. Anyone can land high-paying freelance content writer jobs as long as they work on polishing their content writing skills and follow the tips and tricks shared by me.

Any More Doubts about Freelance Content Writer India?

I hope I broke the entire process of becoming a high paid good freelance content writer easily for you. If you still have any doubts or queries, please feel free to contact me. I would be delighted to help. Remember that your worth is a lot more than a client who offers negligible pay. Do not over-work than your limits to get some money. Patiently wait and work hard to land your first but the best client even if it takes a little longer. 

Become a High Paid Freelance Content Writer with Zero Experience
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Become a High Paid Freelance Content Writer with Zero Experience
Want to become a freelance content writer but don’t know what to do? Confused about jobs, minimum requirement, educational qualification and salary of a freelance content writer India? I have your back! Read on my extensive guide to become a professional freelance writer in India with “zero experience”.
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