Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends Post COVID-19

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends Post COVID-19
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Are you tired of the COVID-19 discussions?

Are you looking to make a way out of the negativity?

Do you want to create a better impact during this lowdown period?

Do you want to increase your reach and target focused audience?

Do you want to generate leads and bring in conversions?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, then this article is for you to learn to navigate the lockdown period and come up victorious amidst the on-going global pandemic with the latest digital marketing trends.

With all means of traditional communication coming to stand still, you may be wondering what does the future of communication and networking has in store for small and big businesses alike?

Put simply, digital is the way to go. While the online platforms have proven their significance time and again, nothing beats their usability and reach during this time of crisis when physical contact to do business has come to a standstill.

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So what is trending in the digital arena today?

Let us take a look to own your growth on the digital platform and beat the odds with the latest digital marketing trends.

While the COVID-19 lockdown has caused major economic impact around the world, the key benefit that we have in the modern society as a result of the pandemic is increased productivity and better connectivity along with the growth of digital marketing trends.

This has enabled many more businesses to flourish by continuing operations despite not being able to operate from their physical stores.

It is the global recession as induced by COVID-19, which will fundamentally promote digital marketing trends and change the way humanity and economy functions and socialises for years to come.

The top digital marketing trends will be a catalyst for unprecedented changes in every industry. Every business and field of work will be forced to reform and restructure to adapt to the new realities.

Increase in Remote Working

With the pandemic spreading across the world, the trends related to work have been majorly affected, and people are now bound in their homes, with no option but to carry out the operations remotely.

Recent studies show 48% of employees will likely work at least part of the time after COVID-19 versus 30% before the pandemic remotely.

The latest digital marketing trends will make organisations shift to more remote work operations, and it is critical to explore competencies of the employees which need to collaborate digitally, and also be prepared to adjust employee experience strategies.

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Expanded Data Collection

In Gartner analysis has shown there are 16% employers using technologies to frequently monitor the employees through methods like virtual clocking in and out, tracking work computer usage, and monitoring employee emails or internal chats and communications.

Following the current digital marketing trends, some companies track productivity while others monitor employee engagements and well-being to better understand employee experience. However, there is a need to follow responsible measures for storing employee information and analytics.

Virtual Meetings

With lockdowns and travel restrictions, team huddles and face to face meetings have become a thing of the past. Now the trends in digital are an increase in virtual meetings, and apps like Google Meet and Zoom are witnessing the sudden surge in their demand.

From meetings with only 4-5 participants to huge international seminars and conferences with thousands of participants, all have already moved online.

These digital marketing trends in India are a result of the pandemic and now have the potential to transform the world. Following social distancing norms to be adhered to, this trend will likely continue.

Online Education – A Great Digital Trend Induced

Following the digital marketing trends post covid, a large chunk of the academia like schools, colleges and coaching centres have gone online using the video conferencing, and dedicated education apps.

Colleges are also conducting tests online, and some of the trends will continue in the post COVID period as well.

Universities and school education boards have recommended that schools should attempt to complete some portion of the curriculum online even when the condition normalises.

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5G – The Fastest Network

The recent remote working has raised the demand for home based internet connections. In order to work efficiently, a stable internet connection with a high bandwidth is required and hence the demand for 5G connection is increasing.

5G is not only the next-generation network which is designed for the service based architecture, but it has a great potential for the larger acceptance.

The higher bandwidth of 5G network provides for excellent service which not only has a network slice but also caters to a particular service type concerning the current digital marketing trends, like IoT, Low Latency Applications etc. There are numerous instances where in the low latency feature of the 5G network can be a boon and hence be preferred, especially in case of remote surgery use, where the low latency is a critical parameter. This ensures the 5G network can perform better than the current networking solutions.


With the latest digital marketing trends, staying ahead of the competition is no longer a challenge. So it is time to build your teams and hence take the next leap to come out victorious.

Using the latest tools to adopt a killing digital marketing strategy will give a boom to your business like no other. Make the most of the well-planned digital marketing trends and strategies and create engaging content to reach the right kind of audience.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends Post COVID-19
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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends Post COVID-19
COVID-19 has left the world rethinking its work culture and given rise to top digital marketing trends in the online arena. Some growing trends in digital like taking jobs, businesses or other opportunities online.
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