How to Start a Freelance Content Writing Career?

How to Start a Freelance Content Writing Career? Ultimate Guide to Start Your Freelance Content Writing Career
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If you find your peace of mind by penning down words, you must consider a freelance content writing career. There are plenty of freelance content writing jobs looking for an aspiring writer like you. Work at the comfort of your home and earn extra income without any prior experience! All you need is proper exposure and guide to content writing career prospects.

Ultimate Guide to Start Your Freelance Content Writing Career

Freelancing is a good choice for people who cannot work in typical office hours and are looking for a remote job, or people looking for an additional income. Especially, a freelance content writing career is chosen by single parents to earn a good amount of money without leaving their kids for long office hours.

Read on this extensive guide to know all about getting started as a freelance content writer, writing a persuasive pitch, building a portfolio, and find decent-paying freelance content writing jobs without any “special” experience.

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Find Freelance Content Writing Jobs in 14 Simple Steps

I have met a dozen of people who end up their hunt for remote jobs just because they don’t know what the right formula is. After wasting 2-3 months searching for content writing career prospects, people usually give up and go back to their 9-to-5 jobs.

Honestly, there is no single formula for getting high paying clients or landing on great freelance content writing jobs. If you would ask any successful content writer regarding the same, the answer would be “hits & trials”.

Yes. You heard that right. A freelance content writing career is not so easy to make if you don’t have the proper guidance and knowledge.

Qualification or experience doesn’t matter in a freelance content writing career if you have the skills to put your thoughts up in front of someone in a beautiful manner.

This ultimate guide will help you form a freelance content writing career through personal experiences, tested and tried tips to land clients, and get better content writing career prospects.

Follow these simple steps that will help you become a freelance writer from scratch:

1. Select Your Niche: Know What You Want to Write

A freelance content writing career is a broad choice of different niches and writing style. Every niche has its content demand and there is exactly no single niche (or category) that will pay you better than the other one.

Based on your past writing experience, see what interests you and what type of a freelance writer you want to become. Some of you may love to write about travel whereas others may be keenly interested in writing about parenting. The niche you select helps you build a strong portfolio of different types of articles or content write-ups in the same category.

2. No Particular Niche? Don’t Worry You Can Become a Versatile Writer

While some writers chose to become a “niche-specific” writer, others choose to be experienced in all fields. And that’s completely okay too. Even I have been a versatile writer for around eight years and write anything that intrigues me. My passion is to put my or someone’s thoughts into words, no matter what category it is.

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3. Work on Your Writing Style

Every writer has his or her unique writing style and that’s what makes people relate to them. If you are reading this post until here, you probably like my writing style due to which you keep on reading more. That is the power of your writing style.

  • Work on the way you write and try to keep it engaging, interesting and persuasive.
  • Work hard on your readability score and try to maintain a balance.
  • Neither write kiddish content nor go for jargon and technical language that most of the people don’t understand.

What’s the point of writing a piece of content that doesn’t intrigue someone to read completely or take an action?

Your writing matters a lot in shaping your freelance content writing career and giving you an authentic client. If your writing style is boring and not out of the box, no one will consider your pitch or give you any writing project.

4. Read without Fail

Reading is the key to increasing your vocabulary, expose yourself to new writing styles and learn to become a better writer. Read whatever intrigues you – a poem, news article, blog, story, etc. The key is to learn new things and find your fields of interest. One blog may introduce to three new words whereas another could teach you a new writing tone. 

5. Practice, Practice & Practice

Way before I started my freelance content writing career, I wrote hundreds of short stories and articles just because I loved writing. Today I can proudly say that my practice gave me enough experience to start my first writing project.

Set your goal to write at least two articles a week. Take inspiration from your favourite writers or top articles about any topic on Google. Suppose you want to write about “benefits of working for women”, read at least three to four articles about the same topic first and then start writing from scratch.

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6. Don’t Plagiarize

Plagiarism or copying someone’s content will never help you make a successful freelance content writing career. You may practice by reading someone else’s content and taking inspiration from it. But, never try to copy even a single sentence or phrase. Not only it is unethical, but also unprofessional. There are plenty of plagiarism checkers such as Duplichecker, Grammarly, CopyScape, etc. that can detect if you copied anyone’s content.

7. Build Your Portfolio

Once you feel like you are doing pretty good in practising and progressing with every new write-up, pick the five best pieces of content. Build your portfolio by showcasing your best-written articles. Choose articles that show your variety of writing styles through different topics.

8. Apply for Internships

Although you may directly start pitching content writing agencies, digital marketing companies, or successful bloggers through email to see your resume and portfolio, let me be honest with you. It isn’t easy to get replies from leading agencies or writers, even if it is a rejection.

You may keep on trying pitching as well, but initially, it is a good idea to apply for content writing internships. It is much easier to get internships, especially in India and learn to write better. But don’t expect your internships to be high paying initially. As you progress and get enough experience, you can easily get high paying internships and multiple content writing projects.

9. Write a Persuasive Pitch

Either you are applying for an internship or a job application, your pitch plays a crucial role in giving you a successful freelance content writing career. Your pitch is a small introduction of who you are, why you love to write and what makes you different from others. Read on hundreds of content writing pitch examples and write the best you can.

Remember, don’t plagiarise or else your client would know that you can’t even write your pitch on your own.

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10. Be Patient & Keep on Applying

Join Facebook groups, LinkedIn communities, and other content writing job portals online. Keep on pitching your clients and customise it according to every client’s requirement. Be patient and try to improve your portfolio and pitch each time you contact a new person or agency.

My first client was actually the 24th client I had pitched initially. Some writers may get projects or internships within 5-10 pitches whereas others may have to wait for at least 50-60 attempts. There is no particular formula or rule to landing your freelancing clients.

All you need is patience and consistency. Do not give up or pressurize yourself. If you don’t get a positive response, work harder to see what you need to eliminate and what you should inculcate in your write-ups to make them more interesting.

11. Get Certifications

While there is no mandatory certification or qualification when it comes to freelance content writing, getting online certifications from Coursera, Udemy, Shaw Academy, etc. may be an added advantage.

12. Make a Blog

Since practising is your key to get better, starting a blog at the same time and posting your write-ups there gives you more exposure and knowledge of SEO and online content demand. Maybe you can target a large audience through your blogs and monetize it to earn a good income. Or, you may persuade a client with your writing samples through your blog.

13. Networking is a Savior

Connect with struggling and successful writers, both and learn from them. Share your favourite tips with them and see if they are better at something than you. Learning from others and forming a network is a great idea to get a client through mutual friends.

14. Keep on Working Harder

If you follow all these tips consistently, you will land your first client within a few weeks. Work hard to maintain your quality and be open to new challenges and learning opportunities. Remember that every client or project will teach you something, ending up giving you more experience.

The only difficulty in freelance writing is to actually get your first client. Once you work with only one person, you get better in so many ways. On top of that, your experience and recommendation letter helps you get second, third, and more clients with time.

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Some Tips to Start Your Content Writing Career

Additionally, some of these tips might help you even more:

  • Always download a plagiarism report before sending the content to your client or adding it to your portfolio. The internet is flooded with fraudsters and many times, people copy your content, send it as samples, and get their jobs. Plagiarism reports have date mentioned on them, making them a piece of proof for you.
  • When you get your first client, decide your rate per word. In India, all writers charge articles according to “paisa per word” (PPW) and some of the best writers also charge “rupees per word”. Initially, start from 40-50 PPW, i.e. you get Rs. 400-500 for writing a 1000 words article.
  • Do not let a client exploit you by paying you way too less. Some clients offer 20-25 PPW to beginners and they readily agree just because they are looking for work. Remember, you have a talent that they don’t have. And, you are not worthless. Do not agree to work at a very low rate.
  • Work on your own terms and conditions. Some clients may put extra pressure on freelancing contents and ask them to work day and night long. If you get such a client, learn to say “no”.
  • Write peacefully at a designated area in your home to work with full concentration and come up with the best content.
  • Practice on writing catchy titles and one-liners as they really intrigue clients.
  • Work hard on your grammar and use tools like Grammarly to eliminate your mistakes and learn from them.

Bottom Line

We hope we narrowed down your search for how to kick-start a freelance content writing career and come across content writing career prospects. No matter what your age or location is, if you try to implement these tried and tested tips in your life, you can jumpstart a successful freelance content writing career in no time.

Remember, you have to be patient before getting your first project and consistently work hard on building your portfolio. It takes a brave mind to switch to a career where no two days are the same. To live your life on your own terms and earn unlimited income, you have to be patient and keep on trying.

An Ultimate Guide to Start Your Freelance Content Writing Career
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An Ultimate Guide to Start Your Freelance Content Writing Career
If you find your peace of mind by penning down words, you must consider a freelance content writing career. An Ultimate Guide to be A Freelance Content writer.
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